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Across the nation, congregations of all denominations bring African American families together and provide emotional support to their members. Researchers have found evidence that African Americans seek help from the clergy more frequently than from other professionals. Mental health issues are no exception. When dealing with mental illness, African American families might look for guidance, support, and understanding from their faith community.It is for these reasons that NAMI has developed Sharing Hope: Understanding Mental Health. The hallmark of this initiative is an interactive educational presentation that aims to decrease mental health stigma in this community, increase awareness of mental health recovery, and to introduce NAMI education and support programs.


  1. A practical coordination guide for successful implementation, outreach and educational programming for African American congregations
  2. Scripted 60-minute interactive presentation focusing primarily on personal reflections of the presentation team (including an individual with mental illness, family member and a faith leader) and a discussion-based activity with the companion booklet, A Family Guide to Mental Health: What You Need to Know.

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To learn more about Sharing Hope: Understanding Mental Health, call us at (713) 970-4419 , Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM.

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