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Power Campaign

“Some batteries are known to explode when their time is up. But what do you do when a person has lived past their expiration?”

We Use Our Power to fill them up, as if they are rechargeable batteries. Join The Movement!

1 in 6 U.S. youth aged 6-17 years experience a mental health disorder each year (7.7 million people), while only 50% of them receive treatment. About 50% of students with mental health conditions drop out of school. Early diagnosis and appropriate services for children and their families can make a difference in the lives of children with mental disorders.

NAMI Greater Houston offers programs and services that can help, such as:

Ending the Silence

Parents & Teachers as Allies

NAMI Basics

NAMI On Campus

“Survivors are the rechargeable batteries of souls.” Lets give our youth a little help – a bit of light, to fight the monsters that hide in the dark.

A gift of $100 today will pay for one parent to attend a NAMI Basics course.

A gift of $25 will pay to train two presenters for the NAMI Ending the Silence program.

Use Your Power. Join the Movement. Be a Light.

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