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This map shows the most, least healthy counties in Texas

March 30, 2017 | By Fernando Ramirez


Texas is often ranked high in the U.S. when it comes to being unhealthy, but a deeper county by county look reveals where and why.

A new map built by the University of Wisconsin ranks the most and least unhealthy areas of Texas.

Researchers looked at a wide range of factors, including psychical and mental health, smoking and obesity rates, and other social and economic factors.

The number one most healthy county in the Lone Star State was Colin County, which includes McKinney and Plano. At number five was Travis County, which includes Austin.

The state’s two biggest metropolises performed worse, with Harris County coming in at 52 and Dallas County at number 57.

The most unhealthy county in the state was Bandera, west of San Antonio.

In general, healthier counties surrounded the state’s largest cities, while unhealthy counties were mainly found in rural regions, like the Panhandle or Hill Country.

Looking at the U.S. overall, the report did not find good news. According to the findings, “more Americans are dying prematurely, notably among our younger generations.”

The study pins the rise in premature deaths on drug overdoses, and found that it is the leading cause of death by injury in 2015.

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