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Speaker Series

Tuesday Talk

With NAMI Greater Houston Staff

Tuesday Talk

With Lisha Gandhi

Tuesday Talk

With Sergio Aguirre

Tuesday Talk

With NAMI Greater Houston Executive Director Dr. Neal Sarahan & Director of Programs Angelina Brown Hudson

Tuesday Talk

With Carlos Aviles, David Anderson III, and Deonte Scott

Tuesday Talk

With Dr. Sheila Williams

Tuesday Talk

With Dreux Antoine and Dr. Richard Harris

Tuesday Talk

With Pastor and Author Juanita Rasmus

Tuesday Talk

With Judge Joe Stevens, Rain Eatmon, Markia Bordeaux, Quentin Jiles, and Tawana Cadien

Tuesday Talk

With Dreux Antonie and Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez

Tuesday Talk

With Marvin Pierre

Tuesday Talk

With Sara Gish

Candidate Forum

With Senate District 4, Shelia Jackson Lee

Tuesday Talks

Survivors of Suicide, with the Houston Vet Center

Tuesday Talks

featuring Adam Farris

Tuesday Talks

featuring Dr. Aneika Simmons

Tuesday Talks

featuring Brandon Q. Gardener

Diaspora Mental Health Equity Dialogue IV

featuring Sharon Tatuaca and Don Odom Jr


Wellness Wednesday with NapBar

featuring Khaliah Guillory, Jessica McDaniel, and Angelina Hudson

NAMI Greater Houston And Amazing 102.5 Mental Health Resources

featuring Jessica McDaniel and Amanda Sapp

Grammy Award Winner Bishop Billy Dorsey on Minority Mental Health

The Diaspora Mental Health Equity Dialogue III

featuring Janice M. Beal, Ed.D. and Renita L. Nero, PH.D.

The Diaspora Mental Health Equity Dialogue II

featuring Dr Rheeda Walker  and Dr Luis Medina

The Diaspora Mental Health Equity Dialogue I

featuring Glenda Demas, M.A, LPC, ACTP  and Evelyn Nunez, LPC.

5 Tips for Mental Wellness During COVID-19

featuring Eliza Boquin and Melanin and Mental Health

Diagnosis Culture: Stories as Both Poison and Cure in Mental Health

featuring Amelia Averyt, Uchenna Jones-Conley, Cecelia Ottenweller, and  Krystal Shanell

My Authentic Journey from Depression to Recovery

featuring Pam Goodfriend

Adapting to the Times: Working from Home and Homeschooling

featuring Denice Martin

Parenting During A Pandemic

featuring Shannon Lanier

Social Media, Marketing and Entertainment as Mental Health Coping Mechanism

featuring Zachary Devon

The Mental Fortitude for Daily Success: Pandemic Edition

featuring Alana Higginbotham

How to Find your Seat at the Table in the Midst of Crisis

featuring Billy Dorsey


featuring Glenda Demas


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