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Welcome to NAMI Greater Houston

A Comforting Environment that Provides the Opportunity to Overcome Mental Health Barriers.

Welcome to NAMI Greater Houston. If you are an individual or family member who has been searching for an accepting environment that will dedicate its resources to elevating and transforming the lives affected by mental illness, NAMI is the organization that will work tirelessly to help those affected by mental health obstacles obtain renewed hope and purpose. We are here to provide those who have lost hope. We are here to assist those who are fighting each and every day to overcome mental illness with the power of community, education, advocacy, and support. Find hope and purpose here at NAMI Greater Houston. If you are looking for help and resources, you can call our peer-run warmline to assist in finding the right resources for you. Call (713) 970-4483.

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Find hope and purpose here at NAMI Greater Houston.

Support Groups

NAMI Greater Houston offers various ongoing support groups. These are free, confidential, and open to all individuals affected by mental illness. A change in behavior or mood may be the early warning signs of a mental health condition and should never be ignored. When there is someone who understands your plight or the plight of a loved one, you can start the process of healing. Share your story. Become liberated. Be heard among those who fully understand.

Educational Classes

Education is an essential element to fully understand mental health conditions affecting individuals, as well as families. Across the NAMI Greater Houston service area, we offer free mental health education classes to a wide variety of community settings. Our trained and certified volunteers provide exceptional instruction and support to strengthen the efforts of our members to successfully pursue their journeys towards achieving and maintaining recovery.

Campaigns & Partnerships

We are proud to collaborate and partner with corporations, organizations, and similar entities to push forward NAMI Greater Houston's mission of improving the lives of individuals and their families through solid support and advocacy. Our efforts to assist those overcoming mental health concerns are elevated through our alliances with such vital partners and yearly local campaigns.

Projects & Events

NAMI Greater Houston works tirelessly to reach individuals and families across diverse communities and meet their unique needs. We are committed to assisting the community through outreach programs and initiatives that create the transformation necessary for those affected by mental illness to triumph and find relief for the betterment of their health.

You Can Support Our Healing Communities

Volunteering is an excellent way to contribute to the needs of those who are experiencing mental health obstacles. NAMI Greater Houston understands the impact that our volunteers have to ensure that various elements of our mission are fully realized. Each volunteer brings an array of experience that empowers our organization to succeed in assisting individuals and their families to overcome mental health barriers. By becoming a volunteer, you will be creating a lasting impact in the lives of those who are working towards regaining their health, but most of all, regain their purpose and hope.

Join Our Healing Community

As the nation’s largest mental health advocacy organization, you will join forces with parents, spouses, siblings, and friends adding power to our mission to improve the lives of people affected by mental illness. Your membership will help NAMI provide free programs and support groups, advocate at all levels of government for access to treatment and services, fight stigma through information and awareness and provide hope to hundreds of thousands of people and families affected by mental health conditions.

By joining NAMI you will become a member of the National organization, Texas state organization and NAMI Greater Houston. You will receive an annual subscription of our flagship magazine, the NAMI Advocate, discounts at the NAMI Store and on registration at NAMI’s National Convention, full access to all the information and features on the NAMI website and more. You will be in the know of the the latest news on mental health updates, participate in an online discussion group, learn how to advocate in your community and add your voice to the mental health movement.

We need your voice to advocate for better treatment of these no-fault brain disorders and a better quality of life for people who have them. Become a member today!