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We are so glad that Houston was spared the severe weather that had been predicted for overnight and this morning.  And we are so sad that this shift occurred after we made our decision to cancel today’s NAMIWalks.
A bit of explanation for those wondering why we made the call yesterday morning instead of waiting until this morning: The preparation for the site takes several hours, including delivery and setup of tents, tables and chairs, bottled water, etc. This must all be done on Friday, and if the storm had arrived as forecast, we would have risked damage to all these items as well as to the park grounds. In addition, we wanted to let all involved know in time to alter their plans. And while we made the call at 9 a.m. yesterday, we probably would have made the same call at 5 p.m. when the weather reports were just as threatening.
Today’s sunshine reminds us that we have much to be grateful for, and your support is what we appreciate most. Please don’t let the “unwalk” take the momentum away. Post your photos of what you are doing instead today on Facebook with the hashtag #namighunwalk and remind your friends that they can still give. We’ll have a prize for the best photo.
And we are busy organizing an alternative “raincheck” event and will have details next week. Again, thank you for your ongoing support of NAMI Greater Houston.



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